Fire Hydrants

The fire hydrant serves an important function in the community. But with over 1,040 hydrants on the Village's water system, many may sit on a corner untouched for years and then be called to immediate action to put out a fire. The hydrant is used to help save lives and possessions. It is important for children to realize that hydrants should not be tampered with. Turning them on wastes water and could lower the pressure of the water within the area and make fire fighting more difficult. If the hydrant nearest the fire isn't working, fire fighters have to spend precious time finding another hydrant that is working.

Hydrant Flushing

  • Fire hydrants are maintained and available at all times for the use of fire fighting, training, and water system maintenance. The opening or closing, tampering, connection to, or withdrawal of water from any hydrant is illegal.
  • The Water Utility may grant limited short-term access to specific hydrants.
  • With prior approval:
    • The Village of Plover shall provide a water meter and cross-connection control assembly.
    • No usage or assembly installations are allowed during freezing conditions.
    • The approved party is responsible for any damage to hydrant or assembly.
    • The Water Utility has the right to deny any application.
  • When a fire happens, access to hydrants is critical! Please maintain a 5 foot radius for hydrant accessibility by removing snow, shrubs, and other landscaping.

Benefits of Flushing

  • Helps to identify hydrant and valve malfunctions.
  • Helps determine pressures and water volumes for fire flows.
  • Helps identify potential weaknesses in the distribution system.
  • Helps improve water quality by removing sediments and circulating water.


The Plover Water System encourages residents living near a fire hydrant to Adopt-A-Hydrant. Please help us keep the fire hydrants clear of snow and landscaping by maintaining a 5 foot radius around the hydrant. This will help the fire department by allowing them quick access to the hydrant should the need arise. Your assistance in maintaining a clear zone around the fire hydrants is greatly appreciated.