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Mission Statement

The Assessor's Office is responsible for the valuing of all non-exempt residential and commercial property in the Village. Wisconsin requires assessors to value property according to professionally acceptable appraisal practices. It is the assessor's duty to discover, list, and value all taxable real and personal property within the village. It is the assessor's responsibility to ensure that all parcels within the village are valued uniformly as market trends dictate.

Tax Rate

The tax rate per assessed thousand for 2022 is $17.09. Usually, new tax rates for the year will be set by the middle of December.

Tax Ratio

The 2023 ratio is not released until November 2022 by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue. The 2022 tax ratio is 0.9878. To figure what is called the fair market value, divide your assessment by the ratio. For example:

$100,000 (assessed value of home) ÷ 0.9878 (tax ratio) = $98,780

Assessor Record Keeping

The assessor's office keeps track of ownership changes, sales information, maintains maps, assessment history, keeps descriptions of buildings and property characteristics up to date, keeps track of properties that are exempt, and analyze trends in sales prices and construction cost to estimate the value of all assessable property.


  • Assessed Value: An estimate of value assigned to taxable property by the assessor for purposes of taxation.
  • Revaluation: Placing new values on all taxable property for purposes of a new property assessed value.
  • Tax Base: The total assessed value of all assessments in the Village of Plover.
  • Tax Levy: The total amount of property tax money that a taxing unit (such as the schools, city, county, etc.) needs to raise to provide services.
  • Tax Rate: The tax levy divided by the tax base. It is expressed in terms of dollars per thousand. The tax rate is multiplied by the assessed value to determine the amount of tax that each property must pay.